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Bogon IP addresses on the Internet

Bogons are IP prefixes that should never appear in the Internet routing table, and obviously should not appear in any packets in the network. During this project we have searched for bogon IP addresses in the SURFnet6 IP network.

The definition of a bogon IP address is an IP address or a range addresses which is not yet assigned to a RIR, these ranges are still in the IANA reserved range pool. Most of them are for future use or have a special purpose, such as RFC1918 space or link local addresses. During this project the netflow data of the SURFnet6 IP network has been analyzed to see if and what kind of bogon IP traffic is routed over the network.

This document describes the results of the analyses of the netflow data captured during this project. In addition to the netflow analyses an analysis of bogon IP addresses in email headers and the global routing table was done.

This project was funded and performed as part of the Research on Networks GigaPort project.

Download the bogon traffic analysis report here: bogon-traffic-analysis.pdf

Here you'll find the spamassassin Bogon IP addresses plugin:
spamassassin Bogon IP addresses plugin

Note: I used the bogons list from If you use the spamassassin bogons plugin, make sure you download the newest version of this list periodically!!

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