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Reports during "Systems and Network Engineering" Master's program

  • professional ICT Infrastructure
    For my study at the UvA I had to do a project called Analytic Server Project. The result is here: ASP-ICT-infrastructuur.pdf
    This report describes how a 'professional' ICT Infrastructure could be designed and build, in such a way that it's Scalable, high available, secure and still offers high performance services. This document is written in dutch. This project was done for ZXfactory; for more information about ZXfactory, click on the logo
  • ZXfactory

  • Improving the convergence of a network with RSTP and BGP
    This report was written for SURFnet. In SURFnet5 the Spanning Tree protocol was used in the cityrings (gigaman). SURFnet wanted to implement Rapid Spanning Tree to improve the convergence time after a network failure. This report explains how the Rapid Spanning Tree Protocol (RSTP/802.1W) works, the reader will find some comparisons with the traditional Spanning Tree Protocol and the report explains how it can be used to improve the STP convergence time.
    The second part of this report explains how the BGP convergence can be improved.
    The document can be found here: Improving the convergence of a network with RSTP and BGP
    This document is written in dutch. for more information about SURFnet, click on the logo
  • SURFnet


  • IPv6 & IPv6 multihoming
    My internship thesis was written as a result of an internship at the Amsterdam Internet Exchange ( AMS-IX), The internship lasted from February 3th, 2003 until June 6th, 2003.
    I studied IPv6 and made most of the AMS-IX services IPv6 compatible. I also studied the multihoming problems with IPv6. you can read the details in the thesis (it's in Dutch). IPv6 & IPv6 multihoming thesis.pdf
    for more information about AMS-IX, click on the logo
  • ams-ix
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